Closed Alpha Release Notes - version

NOT COMPATIBLE with saves from earlier versions (more information).

TLDR: Small release to add fixes for issues reported by alpha testing, and add a confirmation dialog for harsh actions.


  • The game will now ask you to confirm when selecting an action with serious consequences.  The confirmation can be turned off from the Options menu, or bypassed by clicking the icon on the right of the action (thanks to all who raised this issue!)
  • Various presentation tweaks (thanks Steve, Holly, Sandgod, Jochen, Cato1704)


  • A leader may no longer request surrender or vassalage from a leader they are at war with (demands are not criminal and more appropriate in that context)


  • The UI no longer corrupts when a star system does not have a ruling house at some intermediate step during event resolution (thanks gyurka66)
  • The UI no longer corrupts when an archon submits to become your vassal and you click on a system that borders one of their vassal factions
  • The UI no longer corrupts if a house is focused during an event where it is disbanded
  • The UI no longer corrupts when you hover over text links while galaxy changes are being simulated
  • The general opinion tooltip no longer remains on screen if you click a link within it
  • Fixed a memory leak when hovering over the relationships of an entity, which was also crashing the game on exit
  • It is no longer possible to revoke the permission to have another child or decide to stop trying for a child, if one is already on the way (thanks Mariella)
  • Fixed some situations where entities were remaining highlighted when the mouse was no longer hovering over them in text
  • When loading the game at an unsupported windowed resolution, the game now shows an error message rather than freezing (thanks Cato1704)
  • It is no longer possible to untick all alternatives on an option in the menu (thanks Holly)

Thanks to everyone who uploaded a crash report when the game misbehaved!

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