Closed Alpha Release Notes - version

COMPATIBLE with saves from v0.3.0.0, v0.3.0.1 (more information).

TLDR: Lots of minor changes and fixes, clearing out the backlog to focus next on the larger items I talked about last week.


  • Map mode that highlights the wars your vassals are engaged in
  • Map mode that highlights systems ruled by your kin members
  • Map mode that highlights factions by their leader's opinion of you
  • Map mode that highlights your contact to the ruler of each known system
  • Pressing the Insert key in-game takes a screenshot and places it inside a subfolder called "tmp" in the game folder (thanks Sarissofoi)
  • Clicking on the build number in the bottom left of the main menu will bring up these release notes


  • Switched to slightly larger font for update title, update description, and various other controls
  • The tax rate in a league is now shown when it is focused or tooltipped
  • The effective tax rate on a system is now shown when it is focused
  • The game displays a message when it is saving the game (thanks everyone)
  • You are now asked to confirm that you want to delete a saved game
  • The galactic date is shown in the top left control
  • Area panels now have a close button in the top right corner (thanks everyone)
  • The faction claims panel shows which other factions currently own the systems / factions you have a claim to (thanks Chris)
  • The Context Actions panel now explains that you cannot take actions when it is not your turn (thanks Jochen)
  • Music tracks now fade in and out (thanks Zahari)
  • A character now retains the title they had at the time of their death
  • Various tweaks to text in tooltips, updates, etc... (thanks everyone)


  • Younger characters are more fertile, but this drops sharply in older age, making it more important to manage your marriages correctly
  • Sick characters are now less fertile than healthy characters
  • The probability that a couple becoming pregnant without permission or intent has been increased
  • Important heirs that end up in noble houses will now have children normally
  • Criminals are now pleased when someone refuses to punish them
  • The original victim of a crime is now also unhappy when someone in the escalation chain refuses to avenge their grievance
  • The victims of an act that was secret are now pleased when the secret is revealed
  • Attraction secrets are now no longer explicitly revealable
  • The traits of your initial leader are now taken into account when determining the strength of the starting position
  • Arranging marriages for characters that are not closely related to you costs less AP (thanks Holly)
  • Emotion from gaining or losing territory is now stronger
  • Rulers are more likely to defect when they are about to be conquered


  • In Story Mode, the UI no longer corrupts when bringing up the suggested panels for the action asking a foreign vassal leader to betray their archon and join your league (thanks Sarissofoi)
  • Fixed a bug where AI characters could only reveal the attraction secret
  • When a leader is attacked on a system they cannot personally reach, they now still get the option to call any nearby rulers to arms if there are any
  • Rulers in vassal factions now experience the same emotion at being taxed as rulers of non-vassal factions for the same tax amount
  • Attraction secrets are no longer discovered just before the attraction ends (thanks Chris)
  • You now become aware of the faction or system to which a character has a claim when they take over a house that is your direct subject (since you can then champion their claim)
  • Characters generated at the start of the game no longer sometimes have a different last name than their spouse
  • The Relationships panel no longer includes children in the list of known allies / enemies
  • A star system's economy no longer grows to larger than its maximum when investing (thanks Antonia, gyurka66)
  • The star field no longer changes after a game is reloaded
  • The "Members" and "Guests" area windows are no longer available on defunct houses (thanks anonymous)
  • It is no longer possible to right click and trigger an action in action lists
  • Fixed an issue where scripts attempting to modify emotions of a dead character were crashing the simulation
  • Vassal factions that join an existing league now become aware of any external leaders with which their league is at war
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the player was not aware of some nearby factions
  • Fixed an issue where a vassal leader was sometimes not aware of archons in bordering leagues
  • When a faction joins a league bordering the player's league, the player now gets visibility of it
  • When a faction joins a league bordering the player's faction, the player now gets visibility of it

Thanks to everyone who uploaded a crash report when the game misbehaved!

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