Closed Alpha Release Notes - version

COMPATIBLE with saves from to

TLDR: Game now plays well with the app, mercenaries are cheaper


  • Strategy Mode will now be considered the default mode of the game and has been renamed to "Normal Mode"
  • Various presentation tweaks (thanks Zahari)


  • Mercenaries are now cheaper


  • When installed through the app, the game now works correctly (thanks Zahari, Steve)
  • Hovering over an unknown character no longer highlights that character's related entities (thanks Zahari)
  • When the player character inherits a league, the player now gets visibility of whatever entities are claimed by other leaders in the league
  • When the player restarts the game while the UI tutorial is in progress, any arrows on screen are now cleaned up correctly (thanks Antonia)
  • It is no longer possible to marry a character from a faction that your faction is at war with