Closed Alpha Release Notes - version

NOT COMPATIBLE with saves from previous versions

TLDR: Actions to Create and Suppress unrest on systems, security rebalancing and more visibility on secret discovery, some experimental usability improvements


  • Leaders can now Create Unrest in systems on which they have a diplomat
  • Leaders and rulers can Suppress Unrest on their home system
  • Unrest usually goes down over time, but can sometimes flare up on its own in a system


  • The game now shows the location of characters related to an update by drawing that character on the map (thanks Alan)
  • When the mouse is hovered over an entity in text, the related character portrait, and the star system and faction on the map are highlighted (thanks Zahari, Alan)
  • When the mouse is hovered over a portrait, any links related to that character in text, and the star system and faction on the map are highlighted (thanks Zahari, Alan)
  • Secrets now have a discovery difficulty and show the explicit chance of being discovered (thanks Zahari, Antonia)
  • Additional sound effects on updates (thanks Matthias!)
  • Chance of house security team discovering secrets is now highlighted in area score tooltip
  • Actions that create secrets identify the discovery difficulty of the resulting secret in the action tooltip
  • Action lists do not accept clicks for a brief period, to avoid accidental clicks when the Contextual Actions panel expands (thanks everyone)
  • Some map modes now generate tooltips when hovering over a faction region (thanks Alan)
  • If auto-focus is enabled and a decision's choices all have the same auto-fetched panels, they will be shown immediately on decision pop up (thanks Alan)
  • The game now shows the regions of unknown faction that border known factions in the "fog of war" (thanks Alan)
  • Removed the "Approval From" and "Approval Both Ways" map modes
  • Capital systems of factions and leagues are color coded differently on the map
  • Tweaks to tutorial (thanks Alan)
  • Various presentation tweaks (thanks Steve, @ProgOrion, Zahari, Alan)


  • A house's security team no longer tries to discover secrets that are related to that house's heads
  • The likelihood of discovering secrets (and corresponding need for Security) has been re-balanced (overall less likely - needs playtesting)
  • Heads are less likely to send out ambassadors, and more likely to recall them, when they are are conspirators in a secret where the victim is the receiving ruler or one of their kin members (e.g. a ruler is less likely to send their lover as an ambassador to their wife's father)
  • When a ruling house becomes a noble house, any ambassadors sent to it are automatically recalled
  • When a faction accepts to become the vassal of another faction without coercion, the latter gains a weak master claim on the former


  • When a capital system is conquered and then subsequently returned to the faction with a changed leader, rulers no longer keep blaming the old leader for their taxes
  • When a faction splinters because of a system rebellion on the capital, the rebel house no longer loses control of the capital
  • When a member of the player's house (including themselves!) inherits a claim, the player now gets visibility of whatever entity they have a claim to