Closed Alpha Release Notes - version

NOT COMPATIBLE with current saves

TLDR: System rebellion risk panel & map mode, experimenting with sound effects, morality system tweak, balance changes to house members and area scores, and improvements to AI.


  • Some updates have sound effects when they are maximized (thanks Holly)
  • System rebellion now based on explicit factors visible in Rebellion Risk panel.  Can be visualized via new map mode.


  • The combat buildup updates now show the victory chance of both sides (thanks Steve)
  • Maximized updates will use a smaller font for extra long titles (thanks Holly)
  • Saved games identify whether they are Story or Strategy Mode (thanks Holly)
  • Various cosmetic tweaks (thanks Steve, Holly, Chris)


  • When a character commits a crime towards someone who owes them a favour, the crime intensity is no longer reduced.  The favour is wasted instead. (thanks everyone)
  • The effectiveness of someone in their role now also depends on how much they like their house head and how much they like their council member
  • The emotional impact of events (related to marriage, roles, and child permits) that effect house members has been increased
  • Houses without adequate medical staff will now have more illness
  • The fair population limit of a house now grows more slowly in relation to income (tooltip shows requirements)
  • The additional income bonus from Administration now also applies to taxes collected, but has diminishing returns
  • The maximum vassals limit is now based on the house Administration score (tooltip shows requirements)
  • When a master faction is merged with another faction (e.g. in inheritance or surrender), a new league is not created, irrespective of which faction absorbs the other
  • The attraction secret can no longer be revealed (it can still be discovered) (thanks Holly)
  • Heads will now react intelligently to the event "You are facing publish pressure to make your spouse a council member" (thanks Chris)
  • Heads are now better at choosing when to adopt house members (thanks Holly)
  • Heads will now more frequently attempt to rebalance their house (thanks Holly)
  • Leaders are now less likely to rebel immediately after they've accepted to become a vassal
  • Leaders will now refuse an offer of vassalage if they do not trust the offering leader
  • Other minor tweaks to AI behaviour


  • Auto-panel fetching was sometimes breaking the UI in the event where the player appoints a ruler (thanks Chris, Holly)
  • Clicking on a hint during "Please Wait..." was crashing the UI (thanks Holly)
  • When a claimant dies during a war championing their claim, the war now loses the associated claim
  • When a leader declares war on a leader they recently granted independence to, the moral penalty now triggers correctly
  • The decision to have another child now only counts for the next child