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I purchased this dungeon crawler when it was first released.  I found it was portable and have over the years moved it from laptop to laptop to desktop, etc.   That's over ten years of fun.  Thanks for this game!  It is by far the most easy to jump into  crawl (IMO) and re-playable crawl I've ever enjoyed.  Thanks so much for this game:-)

That brought a smile to my face.  Thank you for writing that :)

I remember playing this a lot in 2007-8; a rightly cool concept well ahead of it's time. It became hard to find, so seeing it made available here is greatly appreciated!

I do hope life gives you some time to revisit the concept at some point - I'm also being swallowed alive in a non-gamedev career right now, and it kind of sucks trying to find time to do stuff like this. Rock on, and good luck in your endeavors!

Thank you!